Welcome to Arbolea

Knucklebones is a D&D 5e actual play podcast, focused on storytelling, laughs, and enjoying time spent with your friends!  Come explore our land of knights, witches, magic, and monsters—all with our inept but enthusiastic crew.

Roll. Them. Bones.

About the Squad

The Narrator (GM)

When he isn’t playing D&D (which is a lot of the time,) Nic can be found on a field playing Irish sports, on his Switch™ playing Rocket League®, or in his garage playing guitar. He’s married to Mikey. It shows.

Gaultier de Gémeaux

Matt is a big nerd who loves all things Fantasy and Sci-Fi. He’s an almost-forever GM who is so excited to play a character on KB! He considers himself Max’s soulmate—though they’ve only been in the same room once (that Max knows of.)

Lyza Uzdrovichel

You can usually find Max working from home or finding unproductive ways to pass the time. He watches a lot of soccer, works out occasionally, and makes poor excuses for at-home cocktails. He knows how Matt feels but doesn’t want to make it weird.

Babitha Berbitch & Blep

Mikey loves Halloween, sharks, and the arts. She spends her free time reading, puzzling, and binging podcasts and horror movies. She’s a big ol’ feminist. It shows. She’s married to the GM—at least until she finds a cooler party.

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Character art by Will Coker @wrale